New 2017 Focus: No-Buy-Low-Buy hybrid

So, it’s resolution time! I toyed with the concept of doing a summary of my year long Low-Buy for 2016 however if you’ve complied with along on the journey, it can be summarized as this: well-intentioned.

I did begin out well early in the year however I got myself in the red terribly by mid-year, which then implied that I had to go on a self-imposed No-Buy for a couple of months to get myself out of the hole.  But it was down hill when once again by late Autumn. I’m not even going to insult you by publishing a December Low-Buy publish – I ended the whole year in the red in a poor way!  If you’re curious about my journey, have a checked out with my Low-Buy Accountability posts.  Remember when I accomplished my No-Buy in 2015, I rewarded myself?  Well, I didn’t accomplish my Low-Buy target so no benefits to myself!

You may be wondering, “but Stashy, you did a No-Buy for the whole year in 2015! Why were you not successful in your Low-Buy in 2016?”  To that I say: I really believe a No-Buy is simpler than a Low-Buy. For me, when the faucet is turned on… the trickle of costs just starts streaming as well as it’s a difficulty to turn off. Whereas, if I’m consistently not purchasing, it becomes a practice that’s simpler to maintain. It’s challenging to discuss – potentially an all-or-nothing or black & white type of thinking. So, I’m hoping a hybrid system will assist me to stay on track this year! Here’s what I’ve devised, based on my costs patterns:

January: Free For All once again – c’mon, all those clearance sales! This will permanently be understood as Haulurary (thanks to GymBagMakeup for coining that term!)

February – March: No-Buy

April: $200 for Sephora VIB sale

May – June: No-Buy

July: $200 for birthday hauling

August – October: No-Buy

November – December: $300 per month for VIB, Black Friday, as well as holidays

So that’s 7 months of No-Buy as well as 5 months of Low-Buy. Let’s see exactly how I fare!

Additional details:
• focus on not purchasing unnecessary makeup as well as skincare products (this is different from last year – I did not count skincare however I believe I requirement to curb the hoarding with skincare too)
• keep costs within the allotted monthly budget
• Overage amount will be deducted from complying with Low-Buy month(s)
• leftover amount will be added to complying with Low-Buy month
• No-Buy months implies NO purchasing – even if I have leftover money or gift cards
• Replenishment of completed charm products is okay as well as not counted as part of the total
• products bought on getaway do not count! (currently we have no travel plans yet – we’ll likely not be taking huge trips this year)

One in, one out Policy
As an added bonus, I’m likewise instating a one in, one out policy for makeup purchases. I really am running out of allocated area for my makeup. Of specific focus to destash are nail polishes, blushes (SAD FACE), as well as brushes. I’ve just got as well numerous of those products that I never use! This policy isn’t a difficult rule, however a focus for me to web out with the exact same amount or less makeup at the end of 2017!

What are your thoughts? Are you attempting any type of low or No purchases / costs reductions this year?


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