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I’ve been wanting to start some Throwback Thursday (TBT) messages for a while now, and I figured I’d start with a fun one: Internet Archive Wayback Machine

If you’re not familiar, Internet Archive Wayback Machine started in 1996 to archive the world broad Web, page by page. You just type in a url into the Wayback device and it will display a timeline with every instance that a snapshot has been made of the site:

What’s great about the Wayback device is that it retains a fully functioning site with links and images (where available) as if time stood still.  I’m fond of nostalgia, so I could honestly spend hours looking up old versions of websites.  For fun, I dug up some old makeup sites!

Revlon in 1997 featuring Halle Berry and Cindy Crawford:

I love it: This site looks best when saw with Netscape 2.0.  But oh, how I long for those eye shadows!  Their old formulas were the best.  Check out either the sheer look or the shocking look. and also check out the Streetwear splash page from 1998 (no product listings though).

CoverGirl in 1996 featuring Niki Taylor:

A lot of the links are broken but do read the “FAQ“, which include such gems as “Q. Lipstick always look different on my lips than in the tube.”

Avon in 1996 in support of Olympic games in Atlanta:

Enough question / exclamation marks?!!?!

Clinique eye makeup in 2000:

Check out the prices – and Touch Base for Eyes hasn’t changed in 15 years! (read the copy, practically the same too)

Sephora in 1997:

Yikes, my eyes!  I noted that in early 1999, the site read “Hacked By RaPtoR 666”

Shiseido in 2000 “Welcome to CyberIsland” (heh):

I like the section on runway charm trends.

The Body shop in 2000:

This is for real – apparently up until 2001, the domain “www.thebodyshop.com” was actually owned by an car body shop, but not just any car body shop: “The finest car body repair shop in Charlotte”.    I guess sometime in late 2000, some funds exchanged hands and bam, all of a sudden the site became this:

Interestingly, The Body shop also operated the url “www.the-body-shop.com” concurrently, starting in 1996 but then ceased to exist in 2006.

MAC – unfortunately for us, MAC’s site installed something to avoid crawlers from indexing their sites so none of their images have been retained.  But through screenshots.com, I found this image:

Can you guess which collection the teaser image was alluding to?

Have you ever played around with the Wayback Machine?  I hope you delighted in a trip down memory lane!


ចុចដើម្បីផ្ញើអ៊ីមែលនេះទៅមិត្តម្នាក់ (បើកក្នុងបង្អួចថ្មី)
ចុចដើម្បីចែករំលែកនៅលើ Pinterest (បើកនៅក្នុងបង្អួចថ្មី)

ចុចដើម្បីចែករំលែកនៅលើ Twitter (បើកក្នុងបង្អួចថ្មី)
ចុចដើម្បីចែករំលែកនៅលើ Tumblr (បើកក្នុងបង្អួចថ្មី)

ចុចដើម្បីចែករំលែកនៅលើ REDDIT (បើកក្នុងបង្អួចថ្មី)

ដូចជាការផ្ទុក …


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