The new Eight-Piece Tom Ford spring 2015 Collection Is a study in Contrasts

like the big, burly bouncer at da club who goes by the name, Tiny, Tom Ford’s new eight-piece spring collection is a study in contrasts. Pitting light against dark, and sheer against opaque, it takes the idea of sweet spring pastels and gives them the middle finger.

Sure, it’s an immaculately painted middle finger, but still.


Yeah, this collection wants to start sh*t! On the surface, it seems like the furthest thing away from a normal spring release, far a lot more rowdy rockstar glam than delighted Easter.

Blackened blue and forest green nails; rich plum, sapphire and cocky khaki lids; and nude lips and colorful lashes. I mean, just look at that model…

Tom Ford appeal spring 2015
That girl is not sitting primly at high tea ideal there and wearing a prissy floral dress.


ឆ្មានិងគ្រឿងតុបតែងមុខរបស់ឆ្មា ??

42 ដុល្លារ


But delve a little deeper, and the collection reveals a softer side… Take the three new eyeshadow duos in Ripe Plum, Raw Jade and Crushed Indigo ($60 each).

Eye color Duo in Crushed Indigo
Eye color Duo in Raw Jade
Eye color Duo in Ripe Plum
All three have Tom’s most current shadow formulation and can be worn wet or dry (the formula’s very similar to the NARS dual intensity Eyeshadows).

To go full-on, high-intensity rockstar, wet a flat eyeshadow brush, and apply one of the darker shades. Or, opt for one of the lighter shades applied with a dry domed brush for a softer veil of opalescent color (that’s how I’m wearing them in the pics below).

To really embrace the contrasty concept, start by laying one of the darker shades all over your lids, then apply one of the lighter shades directly on top in the center to catch some light.

While these do have a metallic finish, it’s not a source of stress. They don’t apply crazy frosty, so any fine lines must be fine.

As for the two tinted mascaras in the collection, well, let’s just say that if you’re going for something bold and bright like the girl in the campaign poster is wearing, you may need to prep your lashes first with a couple coats of a black curling mascara.

Extreme Mascara in Teal Intense
Extreme Mascara in Black Plum
With either of them — Teal intense or Black Plum ($44 each) — on my lashes alone, the colors don’t show up. I have to prime my lashes first with a black mascara. In these pics I’m wearing the mascaras without having done any prep work, and the tints are barely visible.

The mascara formula also relaxes the curl (grr).

There are also three nail lacquers in the release — Black Jade, Indigo night and Bitter Bitch ($32 each). I’ve tried Black Jade and Indigo night this week, two of the three, and both of them look nearly black on my nails.

Nail Lacquer in Indigo Night

Nail Lacquer in Black Jade

Not gonna lie, nine times out of 10 I’ll pick bad girl rockstar nails over sweet pastels, but Black Jade and Indigo night look nearly the same on my nails.

Seriously, I can barely see a difference. I have to look really closely. I’d say that if you’re contemplating these two polishes, pick the one that moves you the most. I don’t think you’d need them both (haha, “need”).

អូ! — and with these polishes, I cannot slack off and skip a topcoat; otherwise, they’ll be chip city within three days.

Eye color Duo in Raw Jade dry (on the left) and wet (on the right)
Eye color Duo in Crushed Indigo dry (on the left) and wet (on the right)
Eye color Duo in Ripe Plum dry (on the left) and wet (on the right)
Extreme Mascara in Black Plum (left) and Teal intense (right)
Wearing Indigo night with Black Jade on my ring and pinky fingers
That’s Eye color Duo in Raw Jade buffed onto the lids with a dry domed eyeshadow brush
Wearing Eye color Duo in Raw Jade and extreme Mascara in Teal intense on my eyes


You can spend some quality time with Tom and his spring 2015 collection ideal meow at Tom Ford counters and online.



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