NARS wanted Eyeshadow Palette: A Cyber Monday special

On my lids: the new NARS wanted Eyeshadow Palette, $59, available on Cyber Monday

A new NARS eyeshadow palette

A piping hot gingerbread latte

A tuxedo-clad Nick Jonas to feed me chilled green grapes while I recline on a velvet fainting couch

NARS wanted Eyeshadow Palette, $59 and *extremely* limited edition
Two days only!

If you love NARS and collect their palettes, don’t let NARS wanted leave you wanting. It’s only going to be available for two days, first online only on Cyber Monday, November 27th, on the Sephora website, and then again two days later on November 29th on the NARS site and in person at NARS boutiques (here’s their store locator).


Pretty pixels
Ridin’ rose gold

It literally took me days to figure out that the image on the palette is a closed eye. maybe I was too preoccupied by the rose gold action happening inside.

I love this mix of colors. The colors are flashy enough for fun but flexible enough to incorporate into responsible life looks. There are pinks, warm and neutral browns, coppers, cranberries, bronzes and a bit o’ beige for balance. many of them are new colors, but I recognize some old faves, like matte beige Biarritz and dark brown Coconut Grove (oldie but goodie).

The big news: a new powder eyeshadow formula

Here’s the big thing, though: everything in the palette has a new reformulated powder formula. It’s expected to be much more pigmented than the current NARS shadow formula, but I’m not completely sold on how much much more pigmented they are yet.


ឆ្មានិងគ្រឿងតុបតែងមុខរបស់ឆ្មា ??

42 ដុល្លារ


Granted, they are pretty pigmented, as NARS shadows typically are, but they seem maybe just a tad much more pigmented than usual.

They do feel NARS soft and silky, though, and I easily get 12 hours of wear time with them.

Now, with a reformulation, you expect things to be better, and I expected there to be less fallout than typical with these, but the fallout is common of the current formula, which isn’t all bad, because I don’t get a ton of fallout from NARS shadows anyway. I have to do a bit of cleanup underneath my eyes and on my cheeks when I use this palette, as I finish with other NARS eyeshadows.

Another thing, this Coconut Grove, which is a workhorse dark matte chocolate brown that I also have as a single from the permanent line, is sooo different than the single version. The permanent version applies as a solid block of color on my skin, but this one looks sadly choppy.

I like that there’s a mix of mattes and shimmers.
A good color selection for warm skin tones
That’s NARS Wild night on my lips.
The colors will get a lot of people excited, as they should. This is a bad-@ss blend of current colors in a palette you could have a lot of fun with.

The thought of a new formula will also get a lot of people excited, and on that, I can say that the new formula is essentially no worse than typical for NARS (with the exception of Coconut Grove).


I love NARS, and I love these colors, even if the new formula isn’t earth shattering.



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