5 things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. It’s a HIIT!

Or “high intensity interval training.” It’s a full-body workout where you do all sorts of things, like throwing 10-pound medicine balls around (which I did yesterday), old-school burpies, squats and other interval exercises, and there’s always something different thrown in to keep your muscles guessing.

Anyway, I just started taking classes at a studio down the block, and oh, my lanta! — to live in a constant state of soreness… but it’s a good sore, ya know?


One of my neighbors is an instructor and a personal trainer, and the studio is in her garage, so I just walk down there for an hour of sweet, sweaty torture.

There’s a woman in the class in her 50s who I vow needs to be my BFF. She comes dressed in black from head to toe with her hair in a best high bun, and she works out wearing a full face of makeup. and she likes to make naughty jokes. Oh, and homegirl goes HAWD when she planks, whereas I just end up laying there sadly on the floor ready to pass out.

2. champion sports bras

On that note, these champion double dry sports Bras are the sh*t. They’re soft, comfortable and keep me dry when I’m sweating up a storm. Plus, they never chafe or irritate my skin. When I work out, I layer two of them to keep “the girls” firmly in place.


ឆ្មានិងគ្រឿងតុបតែងមុខរបស់ឆ្មា ??

42 ដុល្លារ


They’re normally $25 each, but they’re on sale for $19.99-$21.99 ideal now at Kohls.

3. L’Oreal root conceal momentary gray Concealer Spray

I picked up a bottle of $11 L’Oreal root conceal momentary gray Concealer Spray in Dark brown a couple months ago at le drugstore to cover my roots because I was running low on my fave Rita Hazan root Concealer and couldn’t make it to Sephora before it closed (#beautygirlproblems), and yay! – ខ្ញុំ​ចូលចិត្ត​វា។ It gets the job done, and it costs half as much as the Rita Hazan spray, which is still my number one, though, because I think it does work a little better (it’s a lot more pigmented and doesn’t leave my hair as stiff as the L’Oreal one does).

4. My crockpot

Soup is good food!
Otherwise known as the best thing EVER. ព្រះជាម្ចាស់​អើយ! You just throw a bunch of stuff in a pot, turn it on, then have a yummy dinner 5-8 hours later.

I made chicken tortilla soup in it the other day, and it was ???.

Do you have any good crockpot recipes? HOOK A HOMEGIRL UP.

5. saving email and social media for the afternoon

So I’ve been doing this for the past two weeks, and it has absolutely helped my focus and get a lot more stuff done, especially in the mornings.

I do all of my writing first thing in the morning when I’m mentally fresh, and only after I’m made with it do I check email, Instagram, etc.

It really helps me stay on task.




ភី។ ស៊ី។ ស៊ី What have you been loving lately?

ភី។ ភី។ ភី។ TGIF!

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