MAC Charlotte Olympia Collection: Golden-Age Glam

Hi, everyone! MAC is back with one of the most interesting releases of the year, the MAC x Charlotte Olympia spring 2016 Collection, as well as this is one of the bigger MAC collections, too, with an emphasis on lips as well as accessories.

For those not familiar with the designer, Olympia is a high-end shoe as well as accessories designer consumed with the bygone age of old Hollywood beauty as well as unafraid of a bit humour.


The MAC x Charlotte Olympia collection has strong retro-glam vibes packaged in charming printed boxes. They’re a collector’s dream come true.

Charlotte Olympia for MAC spring 2016

Wearing vintage Rouge Matte Lipstick!
There are no fewer than three different kinds of lip products (lipsticks, lip pigments, as well as pro lip liners), as well as all of them are in different shades of red.

You understand exactly how every now as well as then you’ll bump into a buddy trying to find their “perfect red lipstick”? Well, you must direct their interest to THIS collection, since each red is GORGEOUS, but just a bit different.


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MAC x Charlotte Olympia Lip Pigments in “Crimson” as well as “Red”
Swatches of (L-R) Starlett Scarlet, Leading woman Red, vintage Rouge, He stated She Said, Kiss Me Quick
MAC x Charlotte Olympia LipMix Pigment swatches in “Red” as well as “Crimson”
My favorites from the lip choice are:

“Retro Rouge” Matte Lipstick ($18) A stunning as well as vampy red that leaves a burgundy stain

“Red” LipMix Pigment ($16) In-your-face rich red! So much fun!

“He Said, She Said” pro Longwear Lip Pencil ($21) A brick red that stays on all day

Next up are the eyes!

The eye statement is natural with flesh-toned shadows as well as dark brown liner as well as mascara. As a person who devotedly gets the “blackest black” of everything…I will admit that the dark brown looks stylish as well as glam against the red lips.

There are two Cream Colour Bases ($23 each) –one matte as well as one shimmer — as well as a pigment in “Overdressed” ($23).

The cream colour base is extremely interesting, as well as I liked utilizing “Sepia” as a contour shade, not only on my eyes, however likewise on my nose as well as cheeks. They don’t dry down like a paint pot (which dry swiftly as well as don’t budge), so you have a great deal of time to blend as well as play.

I compared my MAC paint Pot in “Indianwood” with “Golden Age,” thinking they were dupes, however that was not the case.

MAC cream Colour Base in “Golden Age” vs MAC paint Pot “Indianwood”
Swatches of (L-R) MAC Indianwood, Sepia, as well as golden Age

MAC x Charlotte Olympia “Overdressed” Pigment
“Overdressed” pigment swatched wet as well as dry

Swatches of MAC “Nearly Natural” eyeliner as well as “Lofty Brown” Mascara
MAC 204SE Lash clean as well as 249SE Eye Shader Brush
Cute blotting paper!

Here’s a listing of everything:

Matte Lipsticks ($18) Starlett Scarlet, Leading woman Red, as well as vintage Rouge

LipMix Pigments ($16) Red, Crimson

Pro Lip Pencils ($21) He Said, She Said, Kiss Me Quick

Pigment ($23) Overdressed

Cream Colour Base ($23) golden Age, Sepia

Zoom Lash Mascara ($18) Lofty Brown

Liquid Eye Liner ($22) almost Natural

Studio nail Lacquer ($13) great Old Days, To have or Not, Old Fashioned

249 Eye Shader Brush ($33)

204 Lash clean ($16)

Eyelash Curler ($23)

Blot film ($17)

Mirror Compact ($13)

Makeup Bag ($35)

Hope you took pleasure in this introduction of the new MAC x Charlotte Olympia collection! It’s offered on the internet now as well as coming soon to stores March 24th (USA).


តើ​អ្នក​គិត​អ្វី? Does anything right here get your glam going? let me understand if you have any type of concerns or if you plan to get anything from the release.



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