New $6.50 NYX High definition Blush: On Days When My face is on the Oily end of the Sebaceous Spectrum, This Powder blush Is a dream

wearing the new $6.50 NYX High definition blush in baby Doll (and that’s NYX intense Butter Gloss in Funnel delight on mah lips)
The Curse of the Black Pearl is a freakin’ cakewalk compared to The Curse of combination Skin (which I have). I mean, it’s not like I’m handling undead skeleton pirates or anything, but hella moody skin that alternates between bone dry and Oil Slick City comes with its own set of problems, man.

The new NYX High definition Blushes ($6.50 each)
May I present to the court exhibit A: the new $6.50 NYX High definition Blushes.


Four of the 24 available NYX High definition Blushes
On days when my face is on the oily end of the sebaceous spectrum, this powder blush is SUCH a dream (they’re just $6.50 each). When I wear it, my cheeks look like I just found out that I won the lottery, and subsequently told my curmudgeonly feline boss to suck it — all that naturally glowing lit-from-within jazz that comes with telling someone off or doing a vigorous wop to push It or, I dunno, making out with your knee (Ha! That’s how I used to practice kissing…).

And then there’s the soft, smooth powders, which feel like fairy dust and blend like powdered sugar; the cray-cray amount of pigment; and the 8-hour wear time — hot dayum! — which all add up to placing these on the cusp of legendary drugstore makeup status.

High definition blush in Coraline

High definition blush in baby Doll

High definition blush in rose Gold


ឆ្មានិងគ្រឿងតុបតែងមុខរបស់ឆ្មា ??

42 ដុល្លារ


High definition blush in Hamptons
High definition blush Swatches from the left: Coraline, baby Doll, rose Gold and Hamptons
Wearing Coraline on my cheeks
But then there are the dry days…when my combo skin all of a sudden chooses to imitate a desert. “Hey! Wouldn’t it be fun to crank up the dry patches today?”

And that’s when this blush doesn’t fare so well… Whenever I have dry bits on my cheeks, it applies patchy and uneven, settling into my pores and latching onto every textured and flaky bit. I have to really get in there and BUFF to make it appear reasonably even and smooth, and even when I do, I still end up with an uneven, patchy mosaic of madness on my cheeks by the end of the day.

Yeah, these are better for oily skin, methinks.

As for the colors, there are 24 spread out among different finishes.

If you have dry or combo skin, or have any textured, flaky bits, you might run into some trubs, so keep your receipt, just in case.

PRICE: $6.50
AVAILABILITY: available now at drugstores, Ulta and online at
MAKEUP and charm blog RATING: B+




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