The new hourglass Unreal High radiate Volumizing Lip Gloss: Swatches of Canvas, Child, Provoke, Prose, Fever as well as horizon

five of 18 new hourglass Unreal Volumizing Lip Glosses ($30)
Quick take

I’m not totally offered on the plumping…because I don’t truly see it, however if you don’t mind the $30, inspect out these new glosses. I believe they’re pretty. They’re likewise borderline moisturizing, extremely pigmented, very smooth as well as simple to apply. Canvas is my favorite. It’s the ideal “just throw it in your handbag as well as fail to remember about it” color. You can see them all now at Sephora as well as the hourglass website.

Even though Tabs will always be “the people’s cat” — that scrappy ragamuffin who strutted as well as clawed his method off the imply streets of Mill Valley — I’ll always keep in mind his edgy fashion sense as well as remarkable style.

The fashion gods didn’t just sculpt his marvelous tum-tum from Carrera marble. They likewise imbued him with the gift of sight as well as the capability to acknowledge high quality high-end makeup, like these tubes of hourglass plumping gloss.


They’re from the new hourglass Unreal High radiate Volumizing Lip Gloss line, which just introduced today.

Thoughts as well as very first impressions…

មិន​មាន​ការ​ព្រួយ​បារម្ភ។ If you’re a fan of the hourglass extreme Sheen glosses, I believe hourglass is still keeping them around. I don’t believe they’re being phased out (which is always my very first believed when new things are released).

Some of the Unreal High radiate shades are similar to the extreme Sheens (Child, Canvas, Ignite as well as Icon).

The medium-weight formula doesn’t feel sticky. The structure reminds me a great deal of the Chanel Glossimers.

I feel a small (not painful) tingle when I apply them, however the tingle vanishes within a few minutes.

They taste as well as smells faintly of mint for about five minutes.

They are CRAZY, dumb opaque (!), which you may believe would make them challenging to apply, because full-on glosses will frequently slip beyond your natural natural lip lines, however these are really simple to apply. They go on smoothly (the paddle-shaped applicator is fool-proof) without settling into vertical lip lines or breaking the limit around my lips.

Wear time is from 2-3 hours.

Also, I don’t discover these drying at all. I’d practically phone call them moisturizing!

Are they volumizing? Eh…I can’t tell. perhaps a little. Regardless, I like the method they look.

The paddle-shaped applicator makes it simple to hug corners.



From the hourglass PR:

Features & Benefits

The supreme lip glass that breaks all the rules. An ingenious formula infused with powerful active components for immediate hydration as well as long-lasting volume. Lips appear fuller without the sting in conventional lip plumpers. Light-reflecting shimmer as well as fantastic radiance provide multi-dimensional radiate that’s unreal.

Silky, cushiony lip gloss formula without the sticky feel

Infused with powerful active ingredients, Volulip as well as hyaluronic acid that provide intense wetness to amply lips’ natural shape — resulting in long-lasting volume

Contains a nourishing blend of shea butter as well as avocado oil for immediate hydration

Custom developed applicator delivers a accurate amount of product for the ideal one-swipe application

18 shades, including…

Halo, a remove with gold shimmer

Child, a peachy pink

Provke, a mauve nude

Sublime, a pink nude

Truth, a beige rose

Canvas, a true rose

Dusk, a deep mauve

Strike, a deep peach beige

Ignite, a peach with gold shimmer

Solar, a coral with gold pearl

Horizon, a coral pink

Prose, a warm pink

Enchant, a soft pink

Fortune, a pink with gold pearl

Cosmic, a fuchsia with pink shimmer

Fever, a magenta

Impact, a berry shimmer

Icon, a blue red



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