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I was tagged by Sandy of Lippie Obsession to do this and it’s right in my wheelhouse!  Since I pulled out all my lipsticks yesterday for the lip stash post, I figured I’d do this tag today.  For the makeup Muggles out there, MLBB stands for “My Lips but Better” which means these lip products enhance the natural lip colour – usually a close match or slightly darker / brighter / lighter / shinier – whatever is “better” to you.

I do not wear lipstick regularly, but when I do, I usually choose a MLBB shade.  My lips are quite pigmented, so some of these colours may seem deeper than what you might consider a MLBB lippie.  I chose these lipsticks not only for the colours, but also for how much I like the formulas:

From left to right:
• LaveAlamasqua Labore Lipstick អាក្រាតកាយនៅក្នុង MINX
• Elizabeth Arden extraordinary Lipstick in Breathless #17 (of course I have to include this! See my post comparing the old vs new)
• Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Lip color in Garance 06
• Shiseido perfect Rouge in Dreamscape RD351
• Bite beauty luminous Crème Lipstick in Fig
• Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Portrait RD203

(That Guerlain tube was a PITA to photograph!)

Some overall thoughts:
• This was actually a really useful exercise for me to swatch some of what I consider MLBB lipstick colours to see how they compare against each other
• I’m rather pleased to discover that Guerlain Garance is quite similar to my beloved EA Breathless!
• I also didn’t realize how pink the Bite beauty Fig is, but I do like wearing it to brighten my lips.
• I love Shiseido lip products – they have a Japanese aesthetic to them – a bit more sheer with a natural finish and hydrating properties.
• The Illamasqua Glamore nude lipstick formula is about as “matte” as I would venture – it’s very opaque in one swipe but does not feel heavy on the lips.

Doh! After I finished taking pictures and started writing this entry, I realized I forgot one of my favourites:  MAC Lipstick in Cosmo! Ugh – I’m too lazy to retake pictures of everything so here’s a comparison between Cosmo and 3 other shades shown above:
Cosmo is a mid-tone rose colour that MAC describes as “pink coco”.  It is an Amplified Creme which is quite pigmented and comfortable to wear on the lips.

All of these lipsticks reside in a prominent place in my makeup area so they’re at easy reach when I grab one to toss in my purse for the day.

Do you have any of these MLBB lipsticks?  Any recommendations for me to try?

I tag:
• Ari Mariel
• Life’s Melody
• The Line of Beauty
• Ryane Zamora Beauty
• Valentina Boré
• rylie*style


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