A novel way To view fall Lip Color: The five new MAC A novel romance Lipglasses skip fall and Fast-Forward to Late winter season

Hey, baby, it’s dark purple MAC Lipglass in Talk Sexy
Winter is coming… taking a look at the Lipglasses in MAC’s new A novel romance collection, I can practically feel the socks on my feet (toe oppression!), the leopard-print cat lady gloves on my hands, the chill in the air and the extra 10 pounds of holiday chocolate in my belly. These colors sure don’t seem like common fall colors.

No wines, reds or berries here. Instead, they remind me of colors we’d see in an early winter season collection released after the holidays.


Yeah, as in January.

Lipglasses in Bared for You, Reckless Desires, Pure Fiction, wanting much more and Talk Sexy
Perhaps MAC is playing with the notion of novel and taking a look at it as something other than a book. like something new, a new way to think about fall lip colors.

These five new limited edition Lipglasses ($15 U.S., $18 CDN each) have the same very sticky texture, vanilla flavor and scent, and 3-5 hour wear time I’ve come to expect from MAC Lipglasses.


ឆ្មានិងគ្រឿងតុបតែងមុខរបស់ឆ្មា ??

42 ដុល្លារ


Three of the five are different takes on pale lavender, but don’t be scared! Surprisingly, they’re very flattering and wearable. They practically function as nude neutrals, and all three ought to look terrific with any of the collection’s three quads, particularly when worn with intense smokey eye looks.

Lipglass in wanting More
Lipglass in wanting More, a washed-out lavender
Lipglass in Pure Fiction
Lipglass in Pure Fiction, a mid-tone violet pink

Lipglass in Reckless Desire
Lipglass in Reckless Desire, a sheer pearlescent lavender grey
I have to admit, though, that none of the lighter lavender shades, with the exception of sparkly purple Reckless desire (ooh, glitter!) are triggering that aching flutter in my loins…

About the other two shades (the ones that aren’t lavender)…

Bared For You: I don’t really feel like this shimmery rose gold is memorable on its own, but I love it on top of creamy nude beige lipsticks, where it adds that extra something-something to nude lips.

Talk Sexy: A deep purple with golden glitter and fine golden pearl, Talk sexy ought to look incredible on darker skin tones…although a darker lip liner (I’m thinking Nightmoth) may be required to corral the edges in place.

Lipglass in Bared for You
Lipglass in Bared for You, a soft rose gold
Lipglass in Talk Sexy
While none of these colors leave me feeling lusty, I like that MAC took such a radical direction. For fall lip colors, these seem different to me, and as a group, they’re like the motherlode for cooler-toned ladies/gents.

Crazy flattering.

That said, don’t let that keep you away from them if you have a warm skin tone. If you get a chance, try a couple of them on for fun. You just might find yourself lovin’ on lavender.


The five A novel romance Lipglasses begin kissing lips later this month (August 14 online at maccosmetics.com, August 21 – October 2 in stores, and internationally this September).



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