Unsung makeup Heroes: Trish McEvoy Line Refiner

Trish McEvoy’s Line Refiner
I purchased Trish McEvoy’s Line Refiner a couple years ago after a makeup artist at a Trish McEvoy counter used it under my eyes. I wore it for about a month and a half, then stuck it in a drawer and quickly forgot about it.

I know that doesn’t exactly sound like a ringing endorsement, but I’m not finished with the story yet! Please bear with me.


Fast forward two years and a handful of months to me cleaning out a set of drawers in my office. Lo and behold, what pops up? — this tube, like a forgotten piece of buried treasure.

I still remembered how to use it from my lesson with the makeup artist. After applying your under-eye concealer, gently tap a minuscule amount of Line Refiner directly on top, concentrating on the areas with fine lines.

Later that day after cleaning my office, I applied it on top of the MAC pro Longwear Concealer I typically wear to disguise my dark circles, and when I looked in the mirror — AAAAAAAH! (That was expected to be the sound of a chorus of angels singing in ideal harmony in the background.) — OMG, THIS stuff IS SO FRICKIN’ BOSS!


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Kind of like a colorless lotion that temporarily softens the look of fine lines, it works under or over foundation or concealer, wherever you want to mellow out any fine lines on your face.

I mean, it’s no face lift in a bottle or anything, and it won’t turn back time 25 years, but if you do have any fine lines around your eyes or mouth, I think you’ll see a visible difference. I certainly do, both in pics and in person.

I’ve been using it now to set my under-eye concealer for the past three months, and I absolutely see a difference, especially in pics…where I can zoom in on the 20-megapixel originals. My under-eye area doesn’t look as textured as it did when I was just setting my concealer with powder.


Tip: Don’t use too much! I find that if I use too much of the product, my concealer breaks up, so I use just the tiniest bit…and then I’m good.

Most of the time I dab a little on the back of my hand, which I then pick up with a clean finger, and pat on top of the concealer under my eyes best after applying it.

The tube comes with a doe-foot applicator to easily apply the product directly to your skin or on top of whatever other makeup you happen to be wearing, but I typically don’t do that because I don’t want the doe-foot to pick up any of my concealer or foundation and transfer it back to the tube.

The long-running Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorite permanent collection products from a variety of bodacious charm brands.

This li’l gem is available now at Trish McEvoy counters and online for $37, which is kind of expensive, considering the small 0.15-ounce tube, but you shouldn’t have to use much whatsoever each time. A little certainly goes a long way.

Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume

The film is on Netflix best now!

When I was a tween, Judy Blume was one of my favorite authors, and I’ve been looking forward to this film ever because I read about it in home entertainment weekly a while back.

So I viewed it last weekend, and I certainly recommend it if you were also a fan of the books. It’s one of those quietly moving stories. I think you can really tell that the director, Lawrence Blume (Judy Blume’s son), cares about the material and handled it with love. even El Hub delighted in it. At the end he said, “It had a good character arc.” Yeah, OK, El Hub.

Put it on your list for your next unwinding “me” day.


Anyway, HI! and pleased Thursday.



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