Neither long nights nor Wig-Snatching Tabbies Can stop the new MAC extra dimension glamour Daze Eye shadows

The new MAC glamour Daze extra dimension Eye Shadows!
Gurl, I wish I could say that during the 10 hours the ah-MAY-zer-ing new $19.50 MAC glamour Daze extra dimension Eye shadows lasted on my lids the other day, I cranked out that young adult novel I’ve been implying to write…

But nope. That book remains unwritten.


Instead, after layering a few of the shades on top of NARS Pro-Prime (my current primer fave) in the Katy Perry Halloween look, I…

…was the victim of a wig-snatching! — and the culprit was Tabs. He tugged the wig off while I was sitting on the couch (and now I know how it should feel to star on The real Housewives of Atlanta).

…went shopping for Halloween candy at Target still dressed as Katy Perry. Mini-Snickers for everyone!

…painted my nails twice! Okay, three times… two words: OPI Skyfall.

…talked to my mother on the phone and got caught up on all the family gossip (“Oh, but the thing is, HE’S A married MAN!”) and her favorite Korean soaps in less than five minutes.
(And I worry I’m beginning to confuse the family events with some of the plot lines from the soaps.)

Poster child for productivity, I’m not, but at least these shadows look good. They up the ante on the first batch of extra dimension Eye shadows MAC released last spring, incorporating the same shiny, dynamic finish, negligible creasing and smooth formula that steers clear of my fine lines with an improved wear time that lasts well beyond the original formula’s six hours.

Grayish black tall Dark & Handsome, soft peach A natural Flirt and pinkish purple stylishly Merry last on my lids for at least 10 hours, which is as long as I’ve worn ’em, but I suspect their real wear time may be closer to 16!

Thing is, I haven’t had an occasion to wear them that long yet (no all-nighters at da club on my to-do list this week), but if/when I do, I bet they’ll last.


ឆ្មានិងគ្រឿងតុបតែងមុខរបស់ឆ្មា ??

42 ដុល្លារ


Four of the eight glamour Daze extra dimension Eyeshadows from the left: A natural Flirt, stylishly Merry, Divine Blue and tall Dark & Handsom

Swatches from the left: A natural Flirt, Divine Blue, stylishly Merry and tall Dark & Handsome

Wearing A natural Flirt on my brow bones, stylishly Merry on my lids and in my creases and Tall, Dark & handsome on my upper lash lines

I want to stop by a MAC counter this afternoon to check out the taupe shade, Stolen Moment, and if it begs for a good lady to take it home, I might say yes.

Will I see you there? The counter in the Nordy’s store at Corte Madera? You could show me the cat pics on your phone while I grumble about how MAC shrank the pans for these to 0.04 ounces from 0.07 (and yet kept the price the same).

Really, MAC? Why you gonna do us like that? #catlady solidarity.

Oh, and if you don’t already own a 217, I’ll enable you HARD, because that brush blends these shadows particularly well.

Yup, gotta love pretty colors and double-digit wear times… highly recommended, despite the decrease in the actual quantity of product. Grrr!

PRICE: $19.50 each
AVAILABILITY: available now at MAC counters, stores and
ការវាយតម្លៃប្លក់និងទាក់ទាញ: ក

Wythe Blue, continued…

Finally! I picked up a small sample of Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue over the weekend and painted a test swatch on a piece of paper.

I couldn’t bring myself to actually test it on the walls, which is probably what I ought to have done, because what if I hated it?

I like it…but it’s a little darker than I expected.

Hmm… I’m still leaning toward yes.




ភី។ ស៊ី។ ស៊ី Those of you out on the east coast or anywhere in Sandy’s path, please stay safe and be careful!

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